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Hi, welcome to my website! My name is Thomas Ice, and I am a software developer who is enthusiastic when it comes to creating software solutions for both mobile and desktop platforms. My ability to problem solve, lead development projects, and manage team members has helped defense contractors, law firms, and universities alike. Feel free to browse my site and check out my résumé to see if my keen attention to detail, sleek user interface design, and code management practices could help benefit your company.


With a background in embedded systems programming, mobile application design, and front end development, I have acquired a handful of technical skills throughout my career. These skills continue to evolve as I learn and grow as a developer.


















I consider myself a lifelong student who is constantly striving to learn new things, and my value of overall knowledge has helped drive me to explore the world around me. Traveling abroad and studying Japanese have been just a few of the many things that have helped hone my critical thinking and communication skills. My passion for education continues to grow as I explore the globe.

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Bachelor of Science in Information Technology

In August 2014, I received my Bachelor of Science degree in Information Technology at Florida State University's College of Communication and Information. While attending this university, I learned communication, design, and project management skills that have been invaluable when it comes to designing software that is tailored to the end user.

Associate in Arts Degree

In December 2012, I obtained my Associate in Arts degree at Indian River State College. During this time, I studied a plethora of disciplines to expand my knowledge base. These subjects ranged from computer science and networking to medicine and nursing. Thanks to this college, I gained critical thinking skills, developed public speaking techniques, and enhanced my experience when it came to working with people.


As I develop different skills, I like to find various ways on how to apply them. When I learned how to read, write, and speak Japanese, I began working as a freelance translator who would translate everything from websites to TV shows to video games. During my off time, I enjoyed assisting with things such as cultural events, language studies, and computer science tutoring. I take pride in being able to give back to the community in whatever way I can.

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VES LLC is a small group of talented engineers dedicated to providing custom government off the shelf (GOTS) infrastructure solutions for the military. At VES LLC, we specialize in custom Linux OS development, military-grade Android service development, secure strategies for handling containerization, and integrating DoD cyber security policies. Customers include PD Main Battle Tank Systems, PM Mission Command, Joint Acquisition Task Force, and more.


General Dynamics prides itself on consistently remaining one of the top land defense companies across the world. While at GDLS, I was a member of the Board Support team, leading the department's transition from an enterprise Linux to a custom embedded distribution on the latest Abrams SEPv3 ECP1a and Stryker DVHA vehicles, as well as the vxWorks Board Support Engineer for the SEPv2 platform. Before that, I personally led the transition from legacy version control systems to Git, improving build tools along the way, and created efficient underlying architecture to enhance build times. While on SCM, we successfully employed Agile methodology to help with the dynamic and ever-changing build requirements our customers required of us.

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Here at ZenBanx, we strive to make worldwide mobile banking easy and intuitive. Improving geolocation, creating API tests, working on production code, learning Apache Cordova and dealing with JIRA issues were just a few of the things I had to tackle while working here. On top of that, I had the opportunity to learn and work with production code that utilized Bootstrap and Backbone.js. This company's technology was deemed a huge success, and they were recognized by Social Finance (SoFi) who eventually acquired them in 2017.

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During my time at FSU, I had a school IT project as a software developer and co-project manager. For this particular project, I assisted with developing a Java application that authorized users against a MySQL database and LDAP server, implemented PAM for authentication of local users, and documented the process as a co-project manager for my project sponsor. Working on this project has taught me the importance of planning and proper time management in order to meet the sponsor's goals within a specific deadline, and this project also gave me invaluable experience working with the Agile methodology.

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While employed at Lance P. Richard's law firm, I worked as a technical support specialist who assisted with computer troubleshooting, network configuration, and training. Installing a VoIP phone setup throughout the office and assisting with off-site support were just a few of my tasks while working here. Thanks to my time at this firm, I learned how to assist employees with troubleshooting technology remotely, and I was able to lead a successful programming project during an office transition.


Flappy Cocos2dx


Inspired by a famous mobile game written in C++ and using cocos2d-x for cross-platform compatibility

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Chii Edit


A basic text editor written in C without relying on libraries

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Arcade shooter written in Python using Pygame

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iOS Photo App

iOS Photo App

Used Apple's MVC design pattern and Storyboards in order to create a mobile app wiki and photo viewer in Obj-C

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Online Portfolio

Online Portfolio

This very site was hand written using HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap 4.x, and Font Awesome

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Arduino Sketches

NES and SNES Arduino Sketches

Cross-platform USB controller that contains built-in storage for portability. A Teensy 2.0 microcontroller handles all IO

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